Why Can PETG Be Used in Cosmetic Packaging

Why is PETG widely used in cosmetic packagingcosmetic packaging

PETG material is a kind of transparent plastic, is a kind of amorphous copolyester, PETG commonly used copolymer is 1, 4-cyclohexane dimethyl alcohol (CHDM), full name polyethylene terephthalate-1, 4-cyclohexane dimethyl alcohol ester, which is made of terephthalic acid (PTA). Ethylene glycol (EG) and 1, 4-cyclohexane methanol (CHDM) three monomers with transesterification condensation product, and PET more than 1, 4-cyclohexane methanol copolymer, and PCT than more ethylene glycol copolymer, therefore, the performance of PETG is more deferent between PET and PCT.

Material cost
The market price of PETG material is between 12000 and 25000 yuan/ton (average price). There are few suppliers of PETG material. There are two well-known and mature manufacturers of PETG, Eastman in the United States and SK Chemical in South Korea.

Processing Method
PETG with the transparency of glass and close to the glass density, good gloss, resistance to chemical corrosion, impact resistance, and easy processing, injection molding Injection blow molding and extrusion blow molding Also can produce unique shape appearance and special effects, such as bright color frosted marble texture Metal luster, etc.

Application of cosmetic packaging
PETG products can use for perfume bottles and caps cream jars cosmetics bottles and caps lipstick tubes cosmetic boxes deodorant packaging talcum powder bottles and eyeliner covers, with excellent transparency gloss, good toughness processing, and excellent coloring If you are looking for this type for cosmetic packaging, please contact us.

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